Teach Children by Example

Many parents teach by the rule do as I say, not as I do. This is not the best way to get through to your children and it offers mixed signals to them. It is too easy to tell a child that they should do something because you say so when they ask why.

Every adult can remember how it felt when your parents used this tactic when you were growing up. The problem is that this does not offer children a good explanation and does not really teach them anything. Teaching by example and showing them as well as telling them why mean that children are more likely to comply and this offers them more security and confidence. The following are some examples of teaching children by example: posters barnrum

· Cleaning Children’s Rooms – It is easy to want your children to clean their own room. This gives them a sense of responsibility and teaches them the importance of cleaning. If you want them to clean their room, you must take pains to keep your room clean as well. The time does come when the questions arise about why their room should be clean when yours is not. Of course, you can make up excuses but then you are teaching your children to do the same.

· Financial Responsibility – Every family goes through a period when money becomes an issue. Children do not always understand that there may not be enough money for the things that they want. One way to alleviate this problem and to teach them by example is to allow them to review the budget and to help balance the checkbook. Of course, the child needs to be old enough to understand basic addition and subtraction. If you show them where the money comes from and how the bills are paid, they do not question why they cannot have that expensive video game or toy that they want. If allowing them access to your financial information makes you uncomfortable then give them an allowance and budget and teach them how to maintain it properly.

· Swearing – There is nothing worse than hearing foul words coming out of a young child’s mouth. If you do not want your child to swear then you should not swear in front of them. They learn these words from you and those who are around them. Ask adults who are visiting your home to refrain from swearing too.

Children learn best when there is a good example set for them. When you want to teach your children a lesson, start with yourself. They respect you more and are more willing to copy your example.

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